20 Pets That Are So Big They Look Like A Fully Evolved Pokèmon

No matter what type or size, pets are the center of attention in the home.
20 Pets That Are So Big They Look Like A Fully Evolved Pokèmon

No matter what type or size, pets are the center of attention in the home. They occasionally, though, take this pampering too seriously and fail to remember that they are no longer teddy bear-size. But it doesn’t matter how much big they grow they still are the cutie pies that we long for. Everyone loves dogs, but have you ever seen adorable dogs that are too big and still think they are teddy bear size? Don’t worry if you have never seen such beautiful big dogs, here we have collected some pictures of pets that are going to stun you.

We want to share the amusing images these Reddit users provided us with as proof. So what are you waiting for viewers? Keep on scrolling down and take a look at these giant dogs by yourself. It is totally funny how these dogs react and still think of them as puppies or lapdogs even though they have grown so big. Make sure to watch these pictures till the end.

1. “6’3” human next to a 167-pound dog, a 14-pound dog, and a destroyed volleyball”


2. “My 70-pound lapdog showing his beautiful smile”


3. “I woke up startled from a nightmare and got out of bed to find my dog because I wanted snuggles. He climbed onto my face with all 85 lbs of himself and passed out.”


4. “90-pound giant dog loves small spaces, like under my desk.”


5. “My friend made Dr. Who PJs for my Great Dane because she’s always cold and pitiful during wintertime.”


6. “What my doodle thinks of personal space.”


7. “Grandma and great Grandson”


8. “I will never understand how this 90-pound dog gets himself into spaces like this.”


9. “My 80-pound dog thinks he’s a lapdog.”


10. “My parents’ dog, who I got to see over the holidays.”


11. “Little lady next to a giant dog”


12. “My wife and our 16-week-old puppy (we think he’s going to be big)”


13. “Does anyone know what kind of puppy this is?”


14. “Our rescue pup — 11.5 months old”


15. “Leonardo D’Cappucino”


16. “You try telling her that 80-pound dogs aren’t lapdogs. She was raised with cats, so ’If I fits, I sits.’”


17. “150-pound lapdog”

18. “Our Catahoula thinks he’s a lapdog.”


19. “My friend’s dog, Bosco, sitting shotgun in a 1994 G20 caravan”


20. “This dog on a train”


21. “She thinks she’s a person.”


These dogs are special and adorable in their own way, right? Well, it would be a little difficult for the owners to take them in the lap or pick them around whenever they demand it because of their huge size which makes them even more adorable. Do you also have a dog that is huge and adorable just like them? If yes, then feel free to share their pictures with us.

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