20 Cat Posts That Will Break Up The Monotony Of Your Weekday

We’ve all heard this statement a million times, but sometimes it’s the only option we have
20 Cat Posts That Will Break Up The Monotony Of Your Weekday

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.

We’ve all heard this statement a million times, but sometimes it’s the only option we have. After all, how else will we provide for our housebound kitties who can do nothing but make a mess? It may not appear to some to be an equal exchange, but for many people, their pets are the only reason they have the energy to wake up or go to work every day. And, after a long day at work, it’s always satisfying to come home and see their expectant faces as they curl around your leg, begging for cuddles.

It makes us wish we didn’t have to go to work and could spend the entire day with them. While that may not be possible, it is possible to spend some time perusing the internet for cat content to recharge. Don’t worry, your cat won’t be jealous if they don’t know. That is why we have gathered some of the most recent cat posts we could find that will undoubtedly make you smile. Isn’t that all we really need these days? Cats certainly fit the bill for a reason to smile.

So scroll down and prepare to have your cat content recharged.

#1 I would say that this is a mix of drunk people who have cats.

#2 When your kitty is eying your pizza but doesn’t know how to steal it from you.

#3 The kitty was just trying to mould the box into the shape he wanted.

#4 You must not water this plant or you will end up with scratches.


#5 No Christmas tree is complete without a cat messing it up or getting stuck.

#6 When they want food right after they had dinner.

#7 That is what you get for telling your cat not to do something.

We are their butlers and we have no right to stop them from doing anything.

#8 More garlic is always better in my opinion.

And it also keeps the vampires away so it is a win-win in my mind.

#9 That is clearly the face of someone who knows nothing.

By chance, is his name Jon? He might even love the snow.

#10 That is the face of someone who will be hacking up hairballs later that night.

#11 Catswill always try drinking water out of your glass rather than their own bowl.

It is as if our water is somehow different from theirs.

#12 When you get caught in the act.

#13 How dare an indoor cat pick a fight with someone from the wild?

Still a better love story than Twilight.

#14 That is one impulse purchase I would never regret.

#15 I’ve had this happen to me numerous times and it never gets better.

Cats just love to make us worried for no reason.

#16 This is why I believe that cats are part of the Illuminati organization.

#17 Doesn’t it look like they are praying for a demon to come through?

#18 ‘Can you put me down already? I’ve had enough of this, hooman.’

#19 I am sure we can all relate to this one way or another.

#20 He looks quite satisfied with himself.

Did these cat memes and cute images make your day a little brighter? Or do you miss your cat even more? Why not share the funniest moment you’ve had with your cat in the comments section? Remember to share this cat content with your friends so they can join in on the fun. After all, that’s how we spread all of this love and cuteness.

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