Woman Puts Housemate’s Dog In A Kennel After She Extends Her Trip Without Notice

Moving in with your friend is not as simple and easy as it sounds
Woman Puts Housemate’s Dog In A Kennel After She Extends Her Trip Without Notice

Moving in with your friend is not as simple and easy as it sounds. You think there will occur no issues because you have been friends for years and even if something came up, you will work it out together as one. But the reality is far from this, when it comes to the personal life being impacted, there are a lot more factors that need to be considered before actually deciding to move in with another person.

Reddit user throwaway123098573 and her friend moved together and were housemates. The friend decided to get a dog and OP told her she will be not responsible for the dog. Both mutually agreed and her housemate got the dog. Although OP had said she would not take care of the dog, every time her housemate would go away on a trip, and she would go on trips very frequently, OP would agree to take care of the dog. But the problem here was that her friend would always extend her trip and this would burden OP with more responsibility in terms of taking care of the dog for an extended period of time.

One time when OP’s housemate went on a trip, OP told her she would have to return back on the due date because then she has to go on a family holiday of her own. And it happened again, the housemate extended her trip. OP knew she couldn’t cancel her holiday which had been planned for months, so she decided to book the dog at a kennel and left for her holiday. The housemate got infuriated after leaning about this.

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1. Let’s find out!

2. OP and her housemate are friends. Both of them work and contribute equally to pay all the bills.

3. The housemate decided to get a dog and OP made it very clear right from the start that she will not be taking on any caring tasks.

4. However, every time the housemate would go away on a trip, OP would agree to look after the dog.

5. She always tends to extend her trips last minute which results in OP having to take care of the dog for a longer period of time. OP would feel stuck with the dog.

6. Now comes a situation when the housemate once again was going on a trip and this time OP made it clear to her that she must return on the agreed date because she herself has a family holiday planned so she will not be able to take care of the dog for an extended period of time.

7. And it happened again. She texted OP she had extended her trip. OP simply told her the dog will be left alone in the house if she doesn’t return the next day because the family holiday will not be postponed.

8. OP was a bit confused while forming the final decision.

9. SO OP decided not to leave the dog home alone and booked it in a kennel.

I know the story is not over yet but I will go on and say OP was NTA. OP tried contacting her roommate multiple times and did not get any response. This just shows how much she cares for her dog.

If anything, OP is the only one who cared for the dog. She could have left it behind by itself but she didn’t do that, she handed the dog over to responsible people who would take better care of it till her housemate would return.

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10. After booking the dog, OP texted her housemate all the details and left for her holiday.

11. That’s when she finally replied and was very angry about OP giving her dog to random people. She also said she couldn’t afford the kennel.

12. OP told her she was left with no choice.

13. OP’s own family is sort of divided on the issue with one half saying it’s okay what she did and the other half not supporting it.

Here are some of the comments shared on the story:

14. The housemate is toxic, OP should find a new one.

15. OP made it clear from the start she won’t be responsible for the dog. Still, she didn’t abandon the dog and made sure it was secure before leaving. The housemate should have been grateful.

16. She needs to realize her responsibilities.

17. This is true!

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