Two Special Needs Cats No One Wanted To Adopt Find A Fur-ever Home Together

“I’m often asked how life with Monty is because he has so many diagnoses, so let me describe my day with Monty and his issues. Monty has epilepsy, diabetes, he is deaf, he pees in his sleep (and he had asthma when he was younger).”...
Two Special Needs Cats No One Wanted To Adopt Find A Fur-ever Home Together

No one wanted to adopt these two special needs cats until the Internet brought them together! Cats with special needs are often left with no home, but this warm-hearted lady adopted not one, but two!

Every cat owner knows their feline friend is unique. Still, some cats, like Monty and Molly, are extra special with their unusually perfect faces.

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How Monty Found His Fur-ever Human

Source: @monty_happiness

Monty’s distinctive appearance is due to a chromosomal abnormality that prevented him from developing a nasal bridge. Sadly, his unique looks meant he spent quite some time waiting for someone to adopt him at the shelter.

Monty’s day finally arrived when a woman named Fenjah Mogensen stumbled upon his photo on the shelter’s website.

Under Fenjah’s loving care, Monty flourished. Not only did he thrive, but he also became a social media sensation, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. 

Fenjah shared daily updates about Monty’s looks, health, personality, and adventures. All this made him an internet star!

Monty’s uniqueness extends beyond his appearance. He possesses an adorable, gentle, loving personality that makes him an exceptional pet. 

Fenjah never imagined finding another cat quite like Monty! Destiny, or perhaps the Internet, had different plans.

How Molly Joined The Family

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Everything changed when someone tagged Fenjah in a post about a rescue cat named Molly. 

To everyone’s astonishment, Molly shared the same chromosomal abnormality as Monty, giving her a unique-looking face just like her new brother. Now, Monty and Molly are inseparable! 

Ever since she joined her fur-ever family, she has been following her brother around, rarely leaving his side.

Monty & Molly – Two Feline Wonders

Source: @monty_happiness

Besides their unique appearance, Monty has a list of health issues, including diabetes, deafness, and epilepsy. Fenjah takes incredible care of them! She measures Monty’s blood sugar daily and administers medication for his epilepsy. 

As she shared on Monty’s Instagram profile:

“I’m often asked how life with Monty is because he has so many diagnoses, so let me describe my day with Monty and his issues. Monty has epilepsy, diabetes, he is deaf, he pees in his sleep (and he had asthma when he was younger).”

Fenjah then continues to explain how she measures Monty’s blood sugar every single day. Another thing you have to know about Monty is that he’s also deaf. 

So, there’s no other way of telling him food is on the way than just getting up and serving him breakfast – Breakfast that happens around 4 or 5 a.m.

Epilepsy requires medication twice a day. Thanks to that, Monty is now 5 years seizure-free! 

Fenjah is doing a good job caring for her little furballs. Monty also pees in his sleep, and Fenjah doesn’t seem to complain. Life with Monty is a joyful adventure, despite his quirks.

She explains how she’s simply washing his blankets more than the typical person. She adds:

“Monty being deaf means that he meows very loudly and since he’s a big talker he’s only quiet when he’s sleeping. Life with Monty is amazing, and I love my boy to the moon and back, but I must admit that I’m often tired.”

Molly faces her own challenges, dealing with tissue and muscle disease in her legs. Fenjah works tirelessly to ensure both cats receive the care they need. She also encourages others to consider adopting special needs pets.

Source: @monty_happiness

In a recent update on their health, both Monty and Molly visited the vet for their annual checkup. Fenjah shared the results:

“Monty’s blood samples are all perfect except for his blood sugar that’s still too high. But that’s something we’re working on, and he’s probably getting a new insulin… But back to the results. The vet said that you cannot even tell by looking at the blood samples that Monty is almost 14 years old. He is just happy and healthy.”

The vet was amazed that Monty, almost 14 years old, looked so healthy. To be honest, by looking at his photos, I would have never guessed his age either!

Source: @monty_happiness

Molly’s results were also positive, including her teeth, which was a relief considering her past dental issues. These two remarkable cats are not just surviving; they’re thriving, Fenjah added:

“Molly’s blood samples were also perfect and so were her teeth and that makes me extra happy because last time she needed four removed so she almost has no teeth left. My beautiful little toothless girl!”

Beyond their health issues and medical routines, Monty and Molly are fantastic pets. They’re playful, affectionate, smart, and friendly. 

Molly loves outdoor adventures, leash walks, and sunny backpack rides, while Monty prefers cozying up indoors.

Source: @molly_happiness

Aren’t they simply the best? 

Their heartwarming story proves that special needs pets can bring boundless joy. Thanks to the internet and, most importantly, Fenjah’s unwavering care, Monty and Molly are living their best lives.

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