This Golden Retriever Got Given New Hope By His Rescuer

Rescue stories really do play with your emotions.
This Golden Retriever Got Given New Hope By His Rescuer

Who doesn’t love a good dog rescue story?

Rescue stories really do play with your emotions. On the happier side, the dog gets rescued, it starts a new chapter in life and all its bad past becomes just a memory to reflect upon in order to be a better, braver dog. And it tells us that good humans still exist who go beyond themselves to rescue such creatures and provide them with another shot at life. On the sadder side, it breaks my heart to accept we have so many animals still to be rescued because these poor creatures get abandoned by their heartless ex-owners. They are either thrown away and have the dog live its life as a stray or they give it to a shelter where the animal, without any hope left, accepts the fact that no one will ever love it again. This creates a major trust issue in such animals and even after getting adopted, it takes a very long time to develop it back.

Still though, in overall terms, I am happy about rescue stories because the ending is always happy. The animal gets to live the life it always deserved to live, and we live for that.

Today we are bringing you an emotional rescue story of a Golden Retriever named Tuck who looked like he was in no condition to survive at the time he got rescued. But the power of love healed that creature and the transformation he made looks unbelievable.

Tuck Everlasting caught the eye of his rescuer at an Animal Control Organization and the rescuer knew instantly he had to do something for the dog.

The rescuer was busy transporting dogs at Walton Country Animal Control. While preparing to leave, he looked at the dogs in the waiting area and that’s when he caught a glimpse of Tuck. At that very moment, he promised himself that he will return for the dog and do something for him.

At that time, Tuck was in terrible condition and barely had any hair left on his body due to weakness and illnesses. But through all this pain and terrible condition, Tuck still kept wagging his tail and that was enough for a connection to form between Tuck and his rescuer.


Chances of a senior Golden Retriever with terrible mental health making it out of the shelter were going to be very low so the rescuer knew he had to do something.

Tuck’s rescuer strongly believed that with the right amount of love and care, the dog would recover and live a happy, healthy life.

Tuck’s rescuer then started on his mission to provide the dog with a new start in life and kicked things off by contacting Golden Retriever Rescue of Atlanta. The organization was quick to respond and without a second thought decided to take Tuck under their care.


The volunteers at GRRA had already prepared a foster home for Tuck and had booked an appointment with the vet as well.

Tuck was in terrible condition at the time of being rescued. He was only skin and bones and smelled really bad. 6 of his fractured teeth covered in terrible bacterial infection had to be removed. Amidst all this, the doggo never lost hope and could understand that he is being helped.

After months of treatment, feeding, and love Tuck Everlasting made his recovery and the transformed good boy was almost impossible to recognize when compared to his pictures taken at the time he got rescued.

After moving from one foster home to the other, Tuck found his forever home where he now happily resides with his happy family.

And as you can tell, they are now spoiling the dog to its core, and why not. Tuck deserves every single bit of it.


Happy and healthy Tuck Everlasting celebrating Christmas.

Best of luck, Tuck!

The fact that Tuck already had a leash on him showed that he had been thrown away by his ex-owner. I believe it was the owner’s loss as they missed out on such a beauty. Rule the world, Tuck!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more rescue stories!

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