This Cat Ring Bearer Steals The Show At A Wedding

One wedding turned out to be different from others, as someone else stole the show. Can you guess who? Their cat, Moose.
This Cat Ring Bearer Steals The Show At A Wedding

Cats will always be cats, and they always find a way to be the center of attention and steal the show. However, this gorgeous kitty in a little suit didn’t try to outshine anyone on purpose.

So, what exactly happened? Keep reading this hilarious story and find out!

The wedding day is an important day for every bride and groom, it’s their special moment, and it’s all about them. 

But, one wedding turned out to be different from others, as someone else stole the show. Can you guess who? Their cat, Moose.


Moose was a beautiful ring bearer, making the wedding day even more memorable. However, it looked like the couple had zero regrets about their cat stealing the show at the wedding.

The truth is that they didn’t want to exclude their furry friend from the wedding festivities, so they decided to give him a leading role. 


They got him a tiny custom collar and tie, and this handsome boy immediately won the internet’s heart. 

The lovely boy Moose went viral when his human escort tweeted a photo of him in a stroller on the wedding day. 

Everyone went crazy for Moose and started commenting on the photo, especially after noticing his royal appearance.


One of the Twitter users wrote:

“I feel like I owe this animal some money.”

That’s just one of the hilarious comments about Mosse’s noble looks. He just seemed above it all.

Some Twitter users even took the photo, edited it, and reposted it again – and the results were hilarious. 


Moose was truly the main character of that day, which is why he also became an internet celebrity very quickly. Luckily, the newlyweds weren’t upset about Moose getting all the attention. 

He definitely made this a wedding to remember because you can’t really see a cat ring bearer every day, especially not one as amazing as Moose.

Moose made my day with his charming appearance. He’s the most handsome ring bearer I have ever seen; no wonder he became so popular when his photo hit social media. 

If Moose made you smile too, then you can follow him on Instagram for more entertaining content.

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