Thanks To Her Great Fostering Skills, This Senior Kitty Earned The Title Of “The Dog Whisperer”

“She picked this one out as a puppy that needed some extra attention, and he bonded with her before he bonded with me.”
Thanks To Her Great Fostering Skills, This Senior Kitty Earned The Title Of “The Dog Whisperer”

Whoever said that cats don’t like dogs was super mistaken. Our feline pals not only tolerate their canine companions but often form strong bonds with them, too.

Such is the case with MowMow, a 19-year-old kitty who, believe it or not, seems to favor dogs over cats! Let’s dive into her heartwarming story!

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MowMow’s owner, Kate, welcomed her into her life during her teenage years. Apparently, one day, as she was in the middle of running errands, some folks tried to sell her some random items, offering a couple of kittens for free.

Even though getting a cat wasn’t on Kate’s immediate agenda, she decided to adopt a kitten. Fast-forward 19 years, and MowMow is still an essential part of her life.

Source: pup_named_ghost

Kate describes MowMow as a perfect feline companion! 

This senior kitty is exceptionally friendly and has a gentle, almost dog-like demeanor. She’s a pro at following commands and readily performs tricks – especially when there’s a tasty treat involved. 

MowMow gets along famously with humans, even those who might not typically be fans of cats. As Kate puts it:

“I have a lot of friends who might have been nervous around cats or said cats weren’t their favorite. And they all love her because I think she’s very dog-like.”

While MowMow isn’t the biggest fan of her fellow felines, she absolutely adores dogs, which is quite convenient for Kate, who happens to be a dog foster mom.

According to Kate, MowMow is an invaluable little helper. She sees eye to eye with every dog they foster, always welcoming their enthusiastic and playful nature. Apparently, the canine energy suits her just right! 

However, what truly makes MowMow special is her motherly instincts. She’s incredibly protective of every puppy that enters Kate’s home, always ensuring they’re safe, happy, and content. 

It was because of MowMow that Kate decided to keep one of the fostered dogs, Ghost.

When Ghost first came into Kate and MowMow’s lives, he was a very nervous puppy, frightened of just about everything. Thankfully, MowMow knew how to help him feel better. As Kate shares: 

“She picked this one out as a puppy that needed some extra attention, and he bonded with her before he bonded with me.”

Even though MowMow never had kittens of her own, caring for a needy puppy seemed to come naturally to her as if she were born to nurture and foster.

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However, the same couldn’t be said for her fellow felines. Kate tried bringing in foster kittens on several occasions, but MowMow wasn’t having it. 

She was content with them being in a separate room but wasn’t interested in interacting with them any further. So, out of consideration for MowMow’s happiness, Kate decided to stop fostering kittens and stick with dogs.

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It’s safe to say that dog fostering is MowMow’s calling! She loves to snuggle with them and pays close attention to their needs, earning her the title of “the dog whisperer” from Kate.

While most dogs initially feel a bit nervous around her, MowMow doesn’t mind. She knows how to win them over with her irresistible charm. As Kate explains:

“She’s just trying to interact nicely with them and pay them some attention. She is so calm and confident. She helps them learn, she helps them learn to be that way as well.”

According to Kate, MowMow feels responsible for teaching the dogs how to behave around the house. If she decides it’s nap time, the dogs have no choice but to oblige, even if they’re not sleepy. She’s a true role model for them!

Source: pup_named_ghost

MowMow is also remarkably understanding. If Kate is busy working or cooking, this purrfect kitty patiently waits for her to finish and only then asks for attention. 

She’s also excellent at picking up on people’s emotions. If Kate’s had a rough day, MowMow tries to make her feel better by bringing her a toy or being extra playful. She’s incredibly caring and affectionate.

But perhaps most importantly, MowMow is in great health! For a 19-year-old feline, she’s doing exceptionally well. Apart from being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease a few years ago and requiring medication, she’s a happy and healthy kitty.

Like many owners of senior cats, Kate knows that her time with MowMow might come to an end soon. 

As a devoted cat mom myself, I understand how challenging it can be to face that inevitability, especially when you’ve shared so many years with your beloved pet. However, bidding farewell to our beloved fluffs is a part of life. 

The important thing is that MowMow and Kate have crossed paths, which is such a great honor for both of them!

MowMow has undeniably enriched Kate’s life with her presence, gentle nature, and dog-like demeanor. I’m sure Kate is profoundly grateful for encountering this special kitty 19 years ago. 

When the time comes for MowMow to cross the Rainbow Bridge, Kate, Ghost, and any other foster pup will undoubtedly miss this purrfect feline!

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