Redditors Asks Roommate To Keep Her Elderly Cat In Her Bedroom, Gets Schooled

When you bring a new cat into your household, it can be exciting, but it can also be stressful for the new cat and the resident cats.
Redditors Asks Roommate To Keep Her Elderly Cat In Her Bedroom, Gets Schooled

When you bring a new cat into your household, it can be exciting, but it can also be stressful for the new cat and the resident cats. Cats should be introduced to each other so that conflicts can be avoided and a peaceful living environment can be created. Introducing new cats together is the most obvious way to avoid fights and aggression. A new cat may be considered a threat to a territorial cat since cats are territorial animals. It can sometimes lead to aggressive behavior, such as hissing, growling, and fighting. Introducing the cats correctly can help them get used to each other’s presence and avoid unnecessary conflicts. It is also beneficial to introduce new cats to each other so that behavioral problems can be avoided. Leaving cats to their own devices can lead to negative behavior, such as scratching, spraying, and marking.

You can reduce the likelihood of these behaviors by introducing the cats to each other and making them feel more comfortable in their new environment. It is also a good idea to introduce new cats to each other so they can establish a hierarchy between themselves. There is often a pecking order within a cat’s group since cats are social animals. It may be necessary for the resident cats to adjust their status because of the addition of a new cat. The transition can be done gradually without conflict, ensuring a harmonious environment for all cats. Throughout the introduction process, the cats should become comfortable with each other’s presence.

Separate the cats for some time, allowing them to get used to each other’s odor without direct contact. Providing food, water, and a litter box in a separate room is one way to do this. Next, you can introduce the cats to one another in a controlled way. By swapping their sleeping areas or by allowing supervised visits while keeping them separated by a gate or door, this can be accomplished. It is possible to extend the visits over time and allow the cats more freedom to interact with each other. Be sure to supervise these interactions to prevent aggression or conflict from developing. But that is not what happened in today’s story OP brought in a cat without informing her roommate who had a cat and that cat does not get along with other cats so keep on scrolling down to read the full story and we will see you at the end of the story.

1. They named their cat Banana pudding.

2. Her roommate’s cat is hissing at OP’s cat and when OP asked her roommate to keep her cat in the bedroom she refused

3. So OP her roommate and her roommate’s cat are all getting along

4. Exactly the older cat was there first and OP’s roommate warned her that her cat does not like other cats

5. Exactly OP should have talked to her roommate first

6. Exactly you should never get pets without discussing it with the people you live with

7. Exactly you can’t just call a cat “mean” just because it does not like to be picked up or petted by you

8. Exactly and not just the cat getting any is a decision that involves everyone who lives in the house

9. We hope that it does not come to that

10. This Redditor thinks that OP has turned their house into a place of stress and danger for both the cats

11. Couldn’t agree more

12. Exactly it’s unfair for the elder cat to all of a sudden to be restricted one room

13. For real, what kind of narcissism is this?

14. Exactly OP should keep her cat confined to her room if she has a problem with the elderly cat hissing at her cat

15. Exactly OP has no rights whatsoever to ask her roommate to keep her cat alone in the room

16. Exactly OP should have revisited the issue before getting the cat

17. Exactly some cats just don’t like being petted or picked up, it does not make them mean.

18. Agreed

19. Who names their cat banana pudding lmao

20. Exactly you shouldn’t bring pet into the household unless every member of the household agrees

21. We all feel bad for the cats and OP’s roommate

22. Exactly OP knew that her roommate’s cat doesn’t like other cats she still brought another cat in

23. Exactly she shouldn’t have brought in a new cat when she knew there was an aggressive cat in the house

This was it, folks, this was the story we think that OP is at fault in this story because she clearly shouldn’t have brought in an other cat when she knew there was another elderly aggressive cat in the house. Let us know what you guys think about it down below in the comment section and make sure to like and share this article with your friends and family and stay tuned for more content like this with Defused. Thank You!

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