Redditor Shares Story Of How She Mistakenly Kept Dropping Her Dog To An Office Thinking It Was A Day Care

It’s fascinating to see dogs’ evolving role in our lives, transitioning from mere pets to cherished family members.
Redditor Shares Story Of How She Mistakenly Kept Dropping Her Dog To An Office Thinking It Was A Day Care

It’s fascinating to see dogs’ evolving role in our lives, transitioning from mere pets to cherished family members. The rise of dog daycares and pet-friendly workplaces reflects our growing understanding of the importance of companionship and mental stimulation for our furry friends. In workplaces where dogs are allowed, it benefits the employees by easing their worries about leaving their pets alone at home and fosters a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Dogs have a unique way of bringing people together and reducing stress, which can enhance productivity and overall morale in the workplace.

We come across a cute but weird story in today’s Reddit post. OP used to work in a pet-friendly office where all his co-workers had pets except for him. For individuals like the OP who may not have a dog of their own, it’s understandable to feel a bit left out in such environments. Across from their office was a doggie daycare. One day, a frantic woman entered the office with a massive basset hound, seeking to drop off her dog. The woman mistook the office for a walk-in dog daycare, and despite the confusion, the employee agreed to watch the dog, named Otis, for a few hours. This continued for several days as the employees loved having Otis around. However, a misunderstanding arose when the woman saw a Christmas card featuring Otis among the office staff. Realizing that the office wasn’t a dog daycare, she questioned the OP about the situation.

1. Is this not a daycare centre???

2. Sometime ago, OP used to work in a pet-friendly office.

3. OP didn’t have a pet like the rest of the co-workers which made him feel left out.

4. Across the street was a doggie daycare. One day, a frantic woman arrived at the office with a massive basset hound, a rare occurrence as visitors seldom brought their dogs along.

5. Approaching OP, the woman asked if they worked there and explained her intention to drop off her dog. Confused, the OP inquired about the situation, hoping to redirect her to the appropriate contact.

6. Insisting on leaving her dog due to an urgent matter, the woman provided his food and promised to return later. Despite the confusion, OP accepted and asked for her name, perplexed by the need for a signature as she left abruptly.

7. Taking Otis to the back, OP introduced him to coworkers who were unfamiliar with the woman or the dog. Despite initial worries, they enjoyed having an unexpected office dog as Otis remained relaxed, lounging on a cushy bed and seeking attention throughout the day.

8. Upon the woman’s return, OP described Otis as a “champ,” unaware of her assumption that the office was a dog daycare. Realizing her misconception, OP hesitated when asked about payment.

9. Despite considering correcting the woman’s misunderstanding, OP opted to enjoy their time with the office dog and requested payment, suggesting a fee of $20.

10. Amused coworkers laughed heartily upon realizing the situation, deeming it a memorable tale for future recounts.

11. To OP’s surprise, the woman returned the following week, praising the affordability and less crowded atmosphere of the office. Grateful for the company, OP accepted the dog again, puzzled by the woman’s continued misconception.

12. Shortly after, Otis became a regular visitor, being dropped off two, sometimes even three or four days a week, much to the OP’s delight.

13. During the office Christmas card photo shoot, Otis joined the staff and was adorned with a Santa hat, adding a delightful touch to the occasion.

14. Unbeknownst to OP, Otis’ owner was acquainted with a client who had the office’s Christmas card on display. Confronted by Otis’ owner, the employee realized the misunderstanding.

15. Expressing surprise, the woman looked around as if piecing together the situation for the first time, coincidentally not in a rush. She inquired about the presence of other dogs, prompting OP to clarify the misunderstanding, fearing potential repercussions.

16. In response, she questioned why the situation hadn’t been addressed sooner, prompting the employees to express their fondness for having Otis around.

17. Appearing perplexed and hesitant, she sought validation from the OP’s coworker, despite their status as a stranger. The coworker affirmed OP’s account, supporting the unusual yet genuine explanation.

18. Expressing regret for the misunderstanding, she wished the OP had spoken up earlier to avoid embarrassment. Leaving Otis behind, she acknowledged the unique opportunity for attentive care at an affordable rate before departing.

19. Otis remained the office dog until his family relocated, coinciding with the employee’s transition to a new job.


20. In a refreshing turn of events, the story shared by the OP is hailed as the most heartwarming on the subreddit in quite some time.

21. It’s amusing how the woman processes the situation, then swiftly decides it’s a great deal and continues as usual. Such a humorous and easygoing response from her.

22. A delightful narrative indeed, prompting a call for more tales of its kind. The sentiment expressed reflects a desire for an abundance of such heartwarming stories.

23. Considered one of the oddest yet most heartwarming narratives encountered, the gratitude extends to the OP for sharing such a unique tale.

24. Describing the tale as unusual yet endearing, the Redditor expresses relief at the woman’s positive reaction and the story’s favourable resolution.

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