Management Offers $50 Off Rent For Helping Them Catch People Who Don’t Clean Up After Their Dog

ome methods of making money are more ethical than others, while some methods require less work
Management Offers $50 Off Rent For Helping Them Catch People Who Don’t Clean Up After Their Dog

Some methods of making money are more ethical than others, while some methods require less work. You want to earn that coin by working wisely, not laboriously. Even if it means photographing your neighbors’ pets until they poop and stalking them with pets until they pick up the waste. But why not if it covers your rent? This is just what one couple who resided in a complex of apartments with stringent dog feces regulations did. They would spy on their neighbors while sitting in their automobile, record them, and hand the tapes over to management, who would subsequently reduce their rent by $50 for each video.

Despite having only 1.7 million views, a TikTok video that went viral on the platform is powerful. It appears to have been shot from inside a car and depicts a woman and her enormous dog. It appears to have just pooped, and the animal dragged the owner away before she could gather the waste. They give a justification for their neighboring snooping in a text overlay. It turns out that if you provide proof that someone neglected to clean up after their pets, their apartment building will reduce your rent for that month. Scroll down below to read the full story.

Couples discovered a means to reduce their rent payments, which includes documenting their neighbors’ neglect of their canine waste.

This seems to be the most savage man on Earth to say this.

Get that rent

It’s a respectable sum. The couple received $50 for each video, and in the description of one of the films, they said that there was a month when they paid their entire $650 rent alone through these recordings, which indicates that they reported 13 people. While the video’s creator referred to it as “snitching,” viewers who commented on the post saw it as community service since they were so bothered by pet owners who left messes behind them and thought that perhaps reporting them would help solve the issue.

This couple recorded it on camera and will report her to their apartment building, i.e. she didn’t gather the poop.

What an excellent idea.

The fact that the property managers will knock $50 off a month’s rent for each piece of convincing evidence actually encourages them to do it.

Someone in the comments reported that their apartment complex has even stricter regulations regarding pet ownership, including testing the poop for DNA to identify the perpetrator. One of the major problems for property managers continues to be the fact that up to 40% of dog owners in various areas of the US don’t pick up after their dogs. In order to combat it, they opt to engage the services of businesses like PooPrints.

I think it’s a great way to teach such indecent people a lesson.

Reading such comments tells us that nice people do exist in the world.

We have got a very funny comment from a dog mama.

Imagine having a rent-free life while living in a rented apartment.

Who else would love to too?

Poop on well-kept grass or on the sidewalk is never a sight to behold. In addition to being unpleasant, it poses a health risk to humans and other animals because of the parasites, bacteria, and viruses that can be spread by that waste. Snitching on neighbors is one way to keep the property safe and clean, therefore it is not strange that TikToker’s property management encourages it. But how do you respond? Is it the best approach? Have you heard of employing these methods to deal with negligent dog owners? Post your ideas and opinions in the comments section.

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