Kitten Siblings Crying For Their Missing Mama Get Rescued

When I went out to feed this morning I wasn’t expecting to come home with these two… but rescue happens when you’re trying to get other stuff done.
Kitten Siblings Crying For Their Missing Mama Get Rescued

This heartwarming rescue story revolves around Chris, a devoted cat lover from Tampa, Florida, who cares for a feral cat colony.

One Sunday, something unexpected happened. While he was caring for the colony cats, Chris spotted two kitten siblings, hiding under the car and meowing in distress.

Alone and frightened, the poor kittens yearned for their mother, who was nowhere to be seen. Chris knew that the gray male kitten and his tabby sister desperately needed help, and their survival depended on him. 

two kittens in a box

Source: Cat Man Chris

After checking the area for their mother in vain, he sprang into action, rescuing the kittens from their hiding spot beneath the car. Chris said:

“When I went out to feed this morning I wasn’t expecting to come home with these two… but rescue happens when you’re trying to get other stuff done.”

These kitten siblings were beyond lucky to come across Chris, who saved them without any hesitation. 

They soon found themselves VIP guests at the Catty Shack, a perfect haven for fostering. Chris rearranged the space to accommodate the newcomers, ensuring they had a comfortable shelter.

shed for kittens

Source: Cat Man Chris

The kittens received the necessary help and were provided with a comfy shelter. Chris shared:

“These two got a much-needed bath yesterday; they were really filthy and had a bunch of fleas on them too. But they’re both getting friendly quick, especially the tabby (she also had a little cut/scab on her lip) … I’m not sure what the deal is with these two, and where they came from, they haven’t been acting like true feral kittens… just scared but not aggressive… if I were to guess I’d say they were dumped outside, but who knows…?”

Whether they were dumped or not, that wasn’t important anymore. Regardless of their past, what mattered most was their newfound happiness and sociability in their safe haven. 

two cute kittens laying in the box

Source: Cat Man Chris

However, as the colder days were arriving in Florida, the kitten siblings needed to find a real foster home. 

Fortunately, Happy Tailz Rescue from Florida stepped in to provide just that. Chris was beyond happy that the furry siblings would be safe, warm, and well-fed without him. 

With a great foster dad named Zachthe kittens settled into their new home where they stayed until they got spayed/neutered, and adopted.

The first day in their new home, the kittens were a bit nervous, but the next day they were already very friendly, active, and curious, carefully exploring their new surroundings.

cute kittens standing on a blanket

Source: Zach Brija

The siblings also quickly bonded with their foster dad, especially the tabby girl. She loved climbing on her human dad, and snuggling in his lap while showered with love and attention. 

While the kittens flourished in their foster home, the hope remained that they would find forever families willing to adopt them together. 

After all, who could resist the charm of these adorable siblings? Adopting two kittens promises double the joy and double the love!

tattooed guy holding a kitten

Source: Zach Brija

Let’s hope these siblings find their happily ever after, surrounded by love and care for the rest of their lives.

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