Kid Tries To Pet A Service Dog And Gets Refused, Mom loses it

I never understood parents who thought teaching kids no is a bad thing. In this day and age, children should know that not everything can go this way.
Kid Tries To Pet A Service Dog And Gets Refused, Mom loses it

Is it really that crazy to understand a simple ‘No’?

I never understood parents who thought teaching kids no is a bad thing. In this day and age, children should know that not everything can go this way. And this attitude of denial from parents can go a long way in harming their children’s future and their own future with them. It’s okay to say ”no” to your child sometimes and it can do wonders for them as they grow up. 

However, all these parents care about is being entitled. And have the ‘how dare they say something to my precious child?’ mentality. So it’s no surprise this woman went viral when she went crazy at the market.

Apparently, her kid wanted to pet a service dog even though it was clearly stated on the vest to not pet. I can forgive the girl since she is only a child but the mother just seemed out of her mind.

Scroll below and take a look.

To top it all off, she had the audacity to call the other person rude.

Not only that but apparently her glasses aren’t working.

Because the vest clearly says not to pet the dog.

Why can’t she say no? It’s her dog, she can do whatever she wants.

You should really read up on that law. It’s a public space.

Well, Have any retort on that?

For what exactly?

Honestly, some people are just crazy.

This is the whole video.

This is what Leigh had to say about the whole scenario.

I don’t necessarily mind being asked to pet my dog, though usually, I have to tell people no. I don’t really get upset by having to do this unless it’s a particularly stressful day or environment and I’m having trouble doing what I’ve set out to do in the first place.

I’d rather people ask than just lean in and try to grab her, which happens every day… but I don’t always have the energy to explain what she’s doing or why she can’t be petted. I’m autistic and sometimes just can’t speak very efficiently at all so I can’t explain even if I wanted to. I might shake my head no, or indicate in some other short way not to pet her or talk to her, and I just want to have that respected.

People also often take pictures of us without asking and that makes me really super uncomfortable, I don’t want people to do that at all. I guess I just don’t want people to assume I am able to divert my attention to interact with them how they want me to, and that if someone has a service dog in the first place it means they’re disabled and probably having a hard time already. Using judgment about whether it’s appropriate to ask to pet helps (does the dog already have a vest on that says not to pet?

Is it really loud and busy and chaotic of an atmosphere? Does the service dog handler look uncomfortable or distracted?) I have let people pet her, but in really specific situations where I can focus on making sure, I keep her attention and I know I won’t need her to work for me at that moment. – Leigh

As you can imagine, other people joined in with their thoughts.

Ciarán Williamson

Unfortunately, I feel like people don’t consider me at all when they ask to interact with my service dog the majority of the time. Usually, people just lean in and talk to her or try to pet her without even acknowledging me.

They also often just assume I’m rude instead of something out of my control (like I can’t hear them, which happens a lot in overstimulating environments). I am concerned about people continuing to do these things because it’s really common.

You have to think of the other person as well.

My dog Clover is doing very well in training though, she has a Facebook page I started for her recently so people could see her and ask me questions about her and stuff there if they’re curious. I like talking about my service dog, just not necessarily when I’m trying to go grocery shopping!

She deals well with strangers approaching but she is a very friendly and outgoing dog that enjoys people so attention from other people can be a big distraction for her and it’s something we have to work on all the time. I don’t think people consider that when they get upset about not being allowed to pet her.

How hard is it to be polite?

The entitlement of these people just keeps increasing.

That is absolutely right.

Because adults can be extremely dumb sometimes.

There is no one stopping you.

Before preaching it to others, listen to yourself.

Apparently not.

What are your thoughts on this situation? Comment down below and let us know.

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