Guy Takes Dog To Gym, Asks If He Was Wrong For Doing So

A gym is a facility made for people to come and work on their bodies.
Guy Takes Dog To Gym, Asks If He Was Wrong For Doing So

A gym is a facility made for people to come and work on their bodies. Some like to go from a fat body to a slim one, and some want to go from a slim body to a muscular one, there are many different reasons for a person to go to a gym. One thing that is standard for all people is that you are not supposed to bring your pets to the gym. It just doesn’t make any sense. It isn’t everyone else’s pet, it is just yours so you don’t know how it may react in front of strangers. If it is a dog, it may bite someone. If it is a cat, it may scratch the living h*ll out of someone. Caution is important and to stay away from any problem, you just shouldn’t bring your pets to the gym.

I say this because Reddit user u/GymAITADogThrow1 decided to take his dog to the gym. OP shared that his dog, Iron, has separation anxiety so he decided to take him to the gym with him, daily. No one at the gym objected to the dog’s presence and some people even complimented him. However, it was still a dog not on a leash sitting next to OP while he was working, not in anyone’s control.

One day while OP was working out, Iron ran up to another gymgoer and interrupted his workout. The man got really angry as a third person shouted at OP to never bring his dog to the gym again. OP asked the subreddit “Am I The A$$hole?” whether his bringing his dog to the gym was the right decision or not.

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1. Let’s find out!

2. Because OP’s dog has separation anxiety, he thought it would be a good idea to take it to the gym with him

3. Before taking his dog in OP searched for any policy against entry of dogs at the gym he goes to…he didn’t find any.

4. When OP finally took his dog (Iron) to the gym, no one there objected to his presence.

5. OP shared that because of the new environment, Iron would often go up to strangers not really knowing what to do. In such cases, OP would quickly put Iron on a leash.

6. Over the days, Iron’s behavior improved.

7. Iron also got lovely comments from other gymgoers. So it was all going well.

8. However, one day the dog managed to escape OP and went up to a stranger gym goer, interrupting his workout.

As much as this story is presenting OP as an innocent person, taking your dog to the gym is no way. You never know what the dog may do, it may attack someone, may cause serious injury, or even de*th. You see, you cannot wait for things to happen and then be cautious the next time. This is why the concept of risk exists. Having a dog there, who OP only puts on a leash when it does something unexpected, poses a risk to other gym goers.

Also, there may be people at the gym who are allergic to dogs. Iron’s presence may trigger their allergies. So in order to avoid the “anything could happen”, it is better to keep his dog home. And the fact that OP did bring Iron to the gym, he is an AH for it.

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9. OP quickly grabbed Iron and apologized to the person for what happened. Another person there stopped his workout to confront OP and said he shouldn’t bring his dog to the gym.

10. OP remained calm and tried to defend the presence of Iron at the gym but the other person kept lashing him.

11. When OP shared this event with his friends, he got mixed responses so for a solidified decision, OP turned to the AITA community.

Here’s what the AITA community had to say about this:

12. It is pretty understandable that you do not bring your pets to the gym. That is why they didn’t feel the need to create an entire policy text to let people know about it. Unfortunately, they didn’t know people like OP exist.

13. I mean, OP doesn’t have any separation anxiety so this fits.

14. The fact that he only puts Iron on a leash when he does something out of the blue is so freaking risky. What if one time he does something like that OP is unable to take control of him?

15. Exactly what I said! Dangerous!

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