Francis The 13-Year-Old Cat With Dwarfism Next To Random Objects

This forever kitten-looking fellow is, in fact, a 13-year-old cat with dwarfism...
Francis The 13-Year-Old Cat With Dwarfism Next To Random Objects

Hey there, I Can Has-ers, do you remember when your cat was part of the itty bitty kitty committee? We do - and one of the things that makes us pawsitively joyful is going through old photos of our cats to see how teeny tiny they were when they were kittens. But, what if you could have a cat that always looked like a kitten? A “permakitten”, if you will. It turns out that such a thing exists, and his name is Francis. He’s also purrmanently grumpy, and we wouldn’t have him any other way.

Francis is a 13-year-old cat with dwarfism that still looks like an awwdorably little kitten! You can see him next to ordinary household objects to see how smol he really is, and you can’t really understand it until you see him next to a roll of toilet paper. Scroll down to soak up all this cuteness below and see why Francis took the internet by storm and wiggled his way into the hearts of cat lovers everywhere!

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    He. Is. Smaller. Than. A. Lint. Roller! A lint roller! We literally cannot imagine anything cuter than this adorable ball of grumpiness. We want to snuggle him all day long as he naps in our arms, and you best believe we are going to give him all the treats. All of them!

    Via u/PhiniusGestor

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    Via u/PhiniusGestor

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    Via francisandmaggie

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    His shape is literally a giant circle with an awwdorable little head on top. We simply cannot, and we need to go find ourselves a Francis to cuddle with and take pictures of how smol he is. Who wouldn’t want a permakitten?

    Via u/PhiniusGestor

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    Via francisandmaggie

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    Via francisandmaggie

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    Via francisandmaggie

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