Feline Is So Loving With The Family That Adopted Him

Franc is about 15 years old, and typically, when a cat is a senior with a disability, not many people are inclined to adopt them. But Lexie, with her big heart, breaks the mold…
Feline Is So Loving With The Family That Adopted Him

Franc is another unique cat that I have stumbled upon scrolling through YouTube. Lexie, his fur-ever mom, shared his story with GeoBeats Animals, and that’s where I, too, fell in love with him.

This handsome black and white cat had a challenging start to his life, missing one of his legs and with limited information about his past.

“I don’t know exactly what happened to him but he was rescued from the streets by a lady who had set up a sanctuary. Sadly, she passed away so the people who ran the sanctuary that she set up, tried to get someone to adopt him.”

That’s when Lexie stepped in, displaying her exceptional kindness. 

Source: GeoBeast Animals

Franc is about 15 years old, and typically, when a cat is a senior with a disability, not many people are inclined to adopt them. But Lexie, with her big heart, breaks the mold…

“I saw his story online and I said to my husband, what do you think? You know, no one’s come forward, can we help?”

Fortunately for Franc, Lexie’s husband said, “Let’s go for it!”

The couple contacted the rescue sanctuary, and arrangements were made for Franc to join their family, starting a new chapter in his life.

A New Life For Franc

Source: GeoBeast Animals

Franc is such an amazing cat. He is very big, but that doesn’t stop him from acting like a big baby. As soon as he met Lexie, he showed her that he was a big cuddle bug. She fondly remembers their first moments together: 

“As soon as he came out of the carrier he was literally a massive Cuddle Bunny. He leaped into our arms and he hasn’t got out of our arms since, really.”

Lexie believes that Franc was always meant to be a part of their family and has never known a cat who cuddles like him. Although Franc has FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus), it doesn’t hinder his enthusiasm now that he’s in a loving home.

Source: GeoBeast Animals

Grateful for his adoption, Franc constantly expresses his love and attachment to his new family, and his personality really shined through once he came to his fur-ever home: 

“He runs up the stairs when he wants to run. He has little steps up and down the window sill. But he copes really, really well with three legs.”

He may have only three legs, but that doesn’t slow him down. He adapts remarkably well, running up the stairs and around the house.

Franc is not just cuddly; he’s also quite clingy. He keeps a close eye on his hoomans, always ready for attention. 

Whenever he senses they might pause their activities, he positions himself next to them, silently saying, “Pick me up now.” Lexie even carries him around in a baby sling, a heartwarming sight that demonstrates their unique bond.

Source: GeoBeast Animals

Despite the demands of daily life, Lexie finds the baby sling to be a perfect solution. 

“Sometimes it’s just not feasible to stand and cuddle him for a long period of time, I have other things to do. So, if that’s the case then I’ll put the baby sling on and pop him in the sling, and then I’ll get on with whatever I have to do.”

It seems like a win-win! Lexie can get on with her day, and Franc’s loving it! He calmly stays in the sling, even dozes off, and purrs like crazy. Lexie has always been fond of senior animals, and as she describes Franc:

“Franc has quite a human-looking face for a cat, and he has a real piercing look when he wants your attention.”

Today, Lexie and her husband can’t imagine their lives without Franc. He’s an exceptional kitty, and they’re overjoyed to have made his golden years truly golden.

Senior cats are often overlooked at rescue centers and shelters, which is why sharing successful adoption stories like Franc’s is important. It’s a beautiful reminder that senior cats can be just as wonderful companions as their younger counterparts.

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