Cat Visits Her Owner’s Gravesite Each and Every Day, Showing Her Undying Loyalty!

Cat Visits Her Owner’s Gravesite Each and Every Day, Showing Her Undying Loyalty!

INDONESIA – In the country of Indonesia, a woman, whose name is Keli Keningau Prayitno, frequently passes through a graveyard.


One day, she noticed a tabby cat who was lying on a particular headstone which was marked ibu Kundari (mother Kundari).


Each and every single day, Keli saw the cat hanging around Kundari’s grave. She even tried to bring the cat home with her one day, but the kitty refused to go and remained near the grave.


Keli then decided she would just keep an eye on the cat and would regularly feed her. The cat would only leave the grave at all to get food from Keli and her family.

Keli posted about the devoted cat on Facebook and of course, the story went viral. The entire community was touched by this cat’s loyalty, and now many locals visit the kitty at the grave to bring food, water, and of course, love.


Many people simply don’t realize how cats can make the very best, loving, and loyal companions.

This cat may just be the best example of that!

Photo credits: Keli Keningau Prayitno │ Source

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