Cat Sees Her Late Best Friend’s Fur And Has The Sweetest Reaction

“When she saw Alesana’s fur, she instantly started to lick it and rub her face on it.”
Cat Sees Her Late Best Friend’s Fur And Has The Sweetest Reaction

Alesana and Sen are two kitties that spent most of their lives together, they were always the best of friends.

They would hang out with each other all the time, either cuddling or playing, and their favorite past time was to clean each other’s ears.

Their bond was unbreakable until sadly, at 8 years old, Alesana was diagnosed with cancer and sadly passed away.


How do you explain to a cat that their best friend has gone and won’t be around anymore.

As the days went on after Alesana’s passing, Sen’s family watched with heavy hearts as their 4-year-old kitty was mourning the loss of her best friend.


“I think Sen knows she is gone,” said Emma Pearce, Sen’s mom.

“She often sits at my window next to my front door just looking out for hours on end. She will also walk around the house looking into rooms where Alesana would often sit.”


Then the family received Alesana’s ashes and paw prints and a tuft of her fur, and Emma had an idea to help Sen cope with her grief. 

She decided to show the tuft of Alesana’s fur to Sen…


…and her reaction was the sweetest thing ever.


“When she saw Alesana’s fur she instantly started to lick it and rub her face on it,” Emma said. 

Sen seemed immediately recognized that the fur was from her late best friend, and Emma hoped showing it to her would help her process what had happened and eventually move on.

“We try and give her as much love and cuddles as we can so she doesn’t feel too lonely.”


Emma has shown the tuft of fur to Sen a few times now, and this sweet cat has had the same reaction every time.

Eventually they plan to frame the tuft of fur so they’ll always be something to remember Alesana by.

Her ashes are displayed in an urn with her collar wrapped around it, an identical collar to the one that Sen still wears, so even though she’s gone, her family can still feel her presence all around them.

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