Cat Loved To Play With Stuffed Animals, Now Finally Gets A Sister

Meet Theo, a kitty who loved his stuffed toy so much that his mom decided to get him an actual feline sister. 😻
Cat Loved To Play With Stuffed Animals, Now Finally Gets A Sister

We all inevitably outgrow our stuffed animals and replace them with something more real. However, if you thought such behavior was reserved only for us humans, then I hate to break it to you, but you’re a little mistaken.

A feline hero of today’s story is here to prove to you that even cats like to play with stuffed animals. 

Meet Theo, a kitty who loved his stuffed toy so much that his mom decided to get him an actual feline sister. 

Source: The Dodo

Alyssa, Theo’s owner, was looking for a cat during a very lonely period in her life. She was in desperate need of some feline company, and Theo proved himself to be the perfect candidate for that pawsition.

However, since Theo was still a kitten, he required constant playtime in order to use up his abundant energy. 

So, as it usually happens, Alyssa and all the cat toys lying around the house were unfortunately not enough for his feisty spirit. Different measures had to be taken.

According to Alyssa, the stuffed animals were actually her mom’s idea. She said:

“My mom gave me a little bag of three stuffed cats and was like, ‘It’ll be like he’s in a litter.’ And I was like, ‘That’s ridiculous.’”

However, Alyssa obviously forgot that “Mother knows best!” because her mom was actually right! 

Theo picked out his favorite stuffie, a black and white cat, and it immediately became his little baby.

Source: The Dodo

Alyssa shared:

“It was, like, his exact size. So, he mostly wrestled with it, but you could tell he would try to pick it up, and, like, carry it with him. Then as he got bigger, he would cuddle with it more.”

As he was growing up, Theo never got bored with his stuffed cat. He continued playing and cuddling with it. 

Alyssa said how she felt horrible every time she would see how happy Theo was with his stuffed toy, and thought that maybe she should get him an actual cat. 

And so she did! She went to the Austin Animal Center in Texas and adopted an adorable feline named Zelda. 

Source: The Dodo

At first, like any other cat, Theo was upset. However, Zelda soon charmed him with her energy and outgoing spirit and Theo had no choice but to be fascinated by her. Alyssa said:

“He was so interested in how fast she was jumping off the walls.”

So, naturally, Zelda got under his fur, and in no time they were on good terms. Until they became completely obsessed with each other!

One morning, Alyssa walked in on Theo and Zelda, lying in the same bed. She said:

“He was already cuddled up with her, and he was, like, treating her in place of said stuffed cat. He was already licking her head, and had her, like, in his cat bed, in his cat tree. Even when I got a new cat tree, they were sharing the old one before I, like, showed them that they had separate ones that they could go into now.”

From that moment on, they became inseparable. They spent every moment together, either playing, napping, or grooming each other. 

Alyssa believes that Zelda made Theo feel like he finally had his own little family. 

Source: The Dodo

If you’re wondering what happened to the old stuffed cat, don’t worry – they haven’t neglected it! Both Theo and Zelda continued playing with it, as with another family member. 

Alyssa said how she truly adores her two cats! And when a fellow cat parent shares their fluff appreciation, I can’t help but partake in it, too! 

I’m beyond happy she made a decision to expand her feline family. After all, a house full of cats is a house full of love!

Source: The Dodo

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