Aunt Gets Kicked Out For Taking Niece’s Side In An Argument, Asks If She’s Wrong

In every family, balancing encouragement with letting kids follow their passions is tricky.
Aunt Gets Kicked Out For Taking Niece’s Side In An Argument, Asks If She’s Wrong

In every family, balancing encouragement with letting kids follow their passions is tricky. Parents often want their children to excel in everything, but sometimes, they push too hard, leading to arguments and hurt feelings. A recent story on Reddit sheds light on this common dilemma.

It revolves around a 15-year-old girl named Sophia, caught in a whirlwind of academic and musical pursuits orchestrated by her father. Sophia’s days are packed with violin and piano practice, studies, and chores, leaving her longing for freedom. When she expresses a desire to quit piano, a disagreement erupts, highlighting the gap between parental expectations and a child’s dreams.

OP, a 36-year-old woman, steps in to support Sophia’s autonomy, sparking anger from her brother, Sophia’s father. The conflict intensifies, leading to OP’s expulsion from the house. This tale explores the importance of understanding and respecting a child’s individuality amidst parental aspirations.

1. When asked for an opinion? This is going to be interesting.

2. After her divorce, OP had been living with her brother and SIL.

3. SIL’s eldest, Sophia, spends almost all of her day practicing violin and piano and studying. And she does house chores after that as well.

4. Sophia’s father wants her to excel both in academics and music, and he makes her work on Sundays as well. The girl has no time to spend on her personal interests.

5. Recently, Sophia asked her father if she could quit practicing piano. He got really angry at this and refused, despite her begging.

6. SIL brought the argument up with OP and asked for her opinion. OP said Sophia should be allowed to do what she wants to do.

7. SIL told her husband what OP said, and he did not like her opinion; it boiled him. The matter was taken to the courts of the AITA community.

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

8. OP’s brother is trying to have his own dreams fulfilled through his daughter. Terrible!

9. You were asked for an opinion, and you gave it.

10. It is clear. The father is ab*sing Sophia.

This is so unfair to Sophia. The poor girl is spending her entire life doing something she doesn’t like. The father is breaking her. And the way he said no to her quitting practicing piano makes me believe that when she grows up, she will make sure he realizes he made her teenage h*ll.

NTA! The father better not cry when Sophia grows up and goes no contact with him.

11. This is unfair treatment of the highest order.

12. Don’t ask the question if you don’t have the will to receive the answer.

13. And he won’t like it when he does.

14. Sophia is going to go no contact, that is for sure.

15. Controlling your children is so toxic.

16. He better not scream when the day comes.

17. If you can’t be honest with your family members, then with whom should complete honesty be expected with?

18. I know, right? Poor girl may have to go to therapy.

19. OP’s wife knew what was happening with Sophia was wrong, she just didn’t have enough strength to counter her husband’s control by herself.

20. Don’t you think SIL should’ve taken a better stand? Sophie is her daughter. Relationships don’t get any deeper than this.

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