After 20 Days On the Run, Elusive Kitten Is Rescued And His Life Transforms In Just 24 Hours

Despite the freezing temperatures, this courageous mom cat did everything to keep her little ones safe and warm.
After 20 Days On the Run, Elusive Kitten Is Rescued And His Life Transforms In Just 24 Hours

I’ve heard countless rescue stories, but this one stands out. It’s common to hear about cats or kittens hiding because they’re scared, but have you ever heard of one actually running away from the people trying to save it?

Yep, you heard it right. When the kind-hearted team at EV SPCA got a call to help a stray cat and her kittens living outside in the cold, they didn’t hesitate. 

Despite the freezing temperatures, this courageous mom cat did everything to keep her little ones safe and warm.

photo of two kittens

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They successfully rescued the mother cat and two of her kittens, but the third managed to escape, dodging their attempts to catch it. 

As the two kittens found warmth in a caring foster home, the team didn’t stop searching for the third “run-away” kitten.

Surprisingly, the once-timid mother cat thrived indoors, becoming very sociable and loving. This was a pleasant shock to the rescuers, especially since her kittens were feral, having lived outdoors their entire lives until the rescue.

kitten sitting

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However, settling into a foster home wasn’t an issue for them; they quickly learned to trust humans and adapt to living inside. Being adopted together probably played a big role in their smooth adjustment.

two kittens in a basket

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Meanwhile, dedicated volunteers didn’t quit on the “run-away” kitten, who stayed just out of reach until their persistence paid off almost three weeks later. 

After countless hours of effort, searching, and patience, the kitten was finally brought to safety. As the shelter announced on their Facebook page:

“Bless your lucky charms! The 3rd kitten is caught!! 20 days after his mom Billie Jean & siblings (Lillian & Gillian) Bobbie McGee arrived at the shelter!”

kitten lying on a towel

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The shy tabby, originally fearful and wary of people at the shelter, is on the path to comfort and joy in a foster home. 

After being rescued, he was given a peaceful space with cozy blankets and plenty of food. However, he was so frightened and timid that he wouldn’t move an inch from the spot he stood in. 

orange kitten

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However, once he realized how soft the blankets were and how yummy the food is, Bobbie McGee, as he was lovingly named, slowly emerged from his shell. 

In his foster home, with gentle care and patience, he transformed from a timid hisser to a purring bundle of affection.

close-up photo of hand petting the kitten

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Bobbie’s transformation was nothing short of miraculous. In just a day, he went from trembling in fear to seeking out cuddles and attention, his eyes reflecting newfound trust and contentment.

kitten looking at the camera

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This previously timid kitten has transformed into a bundle of joy, loving belly rubs and hugging his humans tightly. The scaredy-cat from day one was replaced by an affectionate, cuddle-loving furry friend.

hand petting the kitten lying on its back

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It was as if a totally new kitten had arrived at the foster home. Initially cautious and frightened, by the next day he was seeking cuddles from his foster mom. The shelter shared:

“Usually kittens caught later are even more feral due to surviving outside, but Bobbie is the opposite.”

photo of hand petting the kitten

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“He was scared when he arrived at the shelter but has quickly settled into his foster home, purring up a storm and loving every bit of attention he can get.”

In just one day, Bobbie warmed up to people, turning into a purring machine who loves getting belly rubs and chin scratches.

rescued kitten lying

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“He is a special and lucky little kitten to have survived all that time alone. He is so lovable after only one day in foster care. What a little character who will make his future family very happy.”

Bobbie’s story has won over many hearts, and he’s now settled into his forever home! Surprisingly, it took less time to find him a loving family than it did to locate the little rascal in the first place.

rescued kitten with eyes closed

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