A Cat With One Eye And One Nostril Finally Finds A Home To Call His Own

Why did Eggbert find a home so quickly? Well, he’s not just good-looking; the Fairfield shelter’s Facebook page described him as an “absolute angel of a kitty.” As they shared:
A Cat With One Eye And One Nostril Finally Finds A Home To Call His Own

When Eggbert’s photo popped up on the adoption list at the shelter, he didn’t linger there for long – just a day, and then a loving family welcomed him into their hearts. 

It’s not surprising at all; Eggbert’s endearing personality truly shines through in pictures.

What makes Eggbert even more extraordinary is his appearance. He’s a cool tabby cat who was born with one less eye and nostril, but you’d never guess it by watching him go about his joyful life!

The Fairfield Area Humane Society in Lancaster, Ohio, wants the world to know that Eggbert is now thriving in his forever home.

A Special Cat’s Journey To A Forever Home

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society 

Why did Eggbert find a home so quickly? Well, he’s not just good-looking; the Fairfield shelter’s Facebook page described him as an “absolute angel of a kitty.” As they shared: 

“He was born missing an eye and a nostril but aside from snoring like a chainsaw, it doesn’t slow him down a bit!”

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society 

This Ohio kitty may be missing an eye and a nostril, but that hasn’t stopped him from being a champion!

“He loves to give headbutts, have his chin scratched, and follow you around like a baby duck.”

The shelter also mentioned that he had some occasional seizures before, but since being in their care, he’s been seizure-free. They’ll be there to watch over him and continue treating him for epilepsy if needed.

Eggbert’s New Home

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society 

Now, let’s talk about Eggbert’s new family. Holly Starr spotted him on Facebook, and it was love at first sight. 

She felt that Eggbert would fit right in with her family, especially with her other cat, Lark, who was also a rescue and came from the same shelter.

Holly called the shelter the next morning, arranged a meeting with Eggbert, and just like that, he found his forever home. As the shelter joyfully posted:

“Talk about a head-turner! Update: Eggbert has been adopted!”

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society 

Not only did Eggbert get a new home, but he also gained a new best friend. As Holly shared:

“I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the animals with special needs, I want to make sure they have a loving home where they get all the attention they can handle.”

Credit: Fairfield Area Humane Society 

The Fairfield shelter is over the moon about Eggbert’s new home, stating:

“The update you’ve all been waiting for: Superstar Eggbert is off to his forever home! His new family has another FAHS alumni kitty at home, so we know Eggy is in the best hands. He couldn’t have found a better home! He is going to be loved and spoiled rotten. Thank you for choosing adoption again.”

So, next time you think about adding a cat to your family, consider a special one – they’ve got tons of love to give!

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