50 Hilariously Creepy Animal Pics That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

When you talk about our pet cats and dogs, there is always adorableness, joy, and entertainment involved in the discussion.
50 Hilariously Creepy Animal Pics That Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

When you talk about our pet cats and dogs, there is always adorableness, joy, and entertainment involved in the discussion. And why shouldn’t these factors be included, their existence in our lives matters so much. They help us deal with stress like no human specialized has ever helped. Our pet animals have resulted in the creation of millions of heart-touching, happy, and memorable moments.

However, today we are going to take support of the Uno-Reverse card and shift the dynamic. Today, instead of looking at pictures of pet animals and having our adorableness levels increased, we have compiled for you guys the creepiest and most terrifying images of our pet animals. Yes, the twist is on. These images have been taken directly by the owners of the pets you guys will see. There are no special effects used or any image processing done to make the animals look creepy on purpose. It’s just raw images of them looking really scary.

Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. I think I will pass on this one.

2. My brain literally turned off for 10 seconds.

3. If your cat is doing this or anything of a similar sort, know that is not part of the normal cat community.

4. He yawned and his evil side leaked out for a second.

5. Not night lights, look again and you will see those are cat eyes.

6. “I saw this on my way to bed. Why do my cats do this to me?”

7. Nothing interesting here, just a cat looking extremely creepy defying gravity.

8. Remember that thing about a monster being under every bed? Here you go.

9. Look Mom, I got you a gift.

10. “He’s been sitting like this for 15 minutes. It’s starting to scare me.”

11. When you give her food before time vs when you delay her food for 40 seconds vs when you forget to feed your cat entirely.

12. The cat accidentally got flour all over its face. The scenario sounds cute but the imagery looks extremely horrifying.

13. “I present the most terrifying image in my camera roll.”

14. Dobby under the influence of Voldemort.

15. They are lined up as if their owner did something wrong and now he must face confrontation upon returning home from work.

16. Well, hello there. I hope everything is okay inside.

17. Expect them where you expect no one to be.

18. “My dog holding a pinecone.”

19. Now who out of you disturbed my brother?

20. “Time for a nap.”

21. “Mom turned her iPhone light on to see to go to the bathroom, and I took the opportunity to freak her out when she came back. Boo.”

22. She malfunctioned and remained in this position for 10 whole minutes.

23. The dog is so happy but why does his picture look so scary?

24. Imagine waking up at 3 a.m. with your cat’s eyes right in your face.

25. “I think my mom’s cat might need an exorcism.”

Wow. I have noticed the camera flash is the true culprit here. It makes all animals look so scary. This side of these cuties really does give you chills. However, because our lives depend on them so much, this creepiness gets overpowered by their cuteness and their caring personalities.

This is something and I am kind of enjoying exploring this side of our pet animals. I hope you guys are enjoying too. Let’s take a look at some more pictures. Scroll down below to continue!

26. “How to stop my keyboard from lighting up when my cat steps on it at night?”

27. A perfect capture by the security camera resulted in their cat’s true identity being revealed.

28. You cannot think of a word other than “demon” when you look at this picture.

29. He was up there intentionally to scare the living h*ll out of his owner.

30. “This is Stanley, instead of telling me he needs to wee he plays deceased for attention and then gets up once I walk back over.”

31. “My friend’s cat, Winston. Either he’s seeing beyond the veil, or he just found your late-night internet search history.”

32. “My roommate’s cat was being cute in the middle of the night so I took a picture with a flash and saw this.”

33. Is the cat really sleeping? Or is it calling upon some deceased forefathers of hers?

34. Hire him as the next Joker for the Batman movies.

35. I have actually tried hard to view the creepy element in this but I only observed cuteness.

36. That is exactly why you consider a lot of things before adopting a cat.

37. You didn’t fill my food bowl on time, human.

38. He was so excited to go to the playground that he malfunctioned.

39. He is creating a plan to eradicate humanity…you can see it on his face.

40. “Blue likes to hide under the couch and pop out to scare me.”

41. One of those scary characters in horror games or movies that jump you when you are near a window or a door.

42. Ladies and gentlemen, a Doggie Dracula has just been spotted.

43. “My dog holds this look for about 5 minutes if you don’t rub his belly.”

44. I am curious to know why they are both looking in that particular direction. Do they see something we don’t?

45. When your cat does this while you are peeing, what is the worst thing that could happen? You peeing a bit more?

46. “I almost got a heart attack when I heard meowing above me.”

47. “I looked down and saw her staring at me from under the rug. It scared me until I realized it was her.”

48. His excitement unveiled his vampire teeth. The mood in the house changed very quickly. after that.

49. “Sometimes when he’s dreaming really hard his eyelids open a tiny bit and he looks like a demon dog.”

50. A demon under the bed.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Stay tuned for more!

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