5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Second Cat

If you’re considering getting a second cat, here are five reasons why you should:
5 Reasons Why You Should Get A Second Cat

Everybody knows that most dogs are happier in pairs or groups as they naturally live in packs. But what about cats?

Cats are known to be solitary animals, but some cats do enjoy another cat’s company. Let’s look at the reasons you should get a second cat, as well as some signs that your cat doesn’t want a friend!

Is Getting A Second Cat A Good Idea?

Image of Two Cats

Getting a second cat isn’t always a good idea. Cats are naturally solitary animals that prefer to avoid one another and can become quite territorial. Lots of medical conditions are related to stress, which is much more common in multi-cat households.

If your cat is anxious, stressed, and prone to urinary disease, getting a second cat isn’t a good idea. Similarly, if your cat starts hissing when another cat walks past the window or always comes home from exploring outdoors with scratches or bites, it’s unlikely they’re going to take kindly to a new roommate!

On the other hand, if your adult cat makes friends with the neighboring cats or is lonely after the death of a friend, getting them a companion might be a good idea.

5 Reasons You Should Get A Second Cat

1. You Recently Lost A Cat, And Your Remaining Cat Is Lonely

Image of Remaining Cat Is Lonely

While most cats prefer their own company, some do enjoy feline company, especially if they’ve grown up with it. Many owners are surprised how happy their cat is to suddenly find they have the house to themselves after a loss, but if your cat appears to be grieving, he might want a kitty friend.

2. Your Cat Was Surrendered To A Rescue As A Pair

Image of Rescue As A Pair

It goes without saying that if you are getting your cat from a shelter, and he is one of a pair, you should take the other cat home, too. Bonded pairs should always be rehomed together, as they can find separation extremely stressful. If for some reason your cat’s buddy isn’t available, consider adopting another cat who seems to like other cats.

3. You Have Plenty Of Space

Image of You Have Plenty Of Space

Many cats find cohabitation extremely stressful, and this is compounded by small spaces. Cats that aren’t bonded need their own territory, and this can be hard to achieve in a small house.

But if you have a large house and are happy to make changes to enable your cats to coexist then, by all means, provide a five-star home to another feline!

4. Your Cat Picks Up Friends In The Neighborhood

Image of Friends In The Neighborhood

If your cat is one of those rare cats that genuinely enjoys the company of other cats, you might see them rubbing up against friends in the neighborhood, sitting with other cats in the yard, or peacefully sharing sunbathing spots with other cats.

This cat might appreciate having another cat to share his life with! Don’t be fooled by cats that appear to be playing though, as they might be having a spat!

5. You Are Picking Up A New Kitten

Image of Kitten Biting

The best time to get a second cat is when you first bring your new kitten home. Siblings brought up together are much more likely to get on in later life, so think now about whether you want that second cat!

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