20 Single-Panel Comics That’ll Instantly Cheer You Up

Creating humorous comics with unexpected twists provides a unique and entertaining experience for both the creator and the audience.
20 Single-Panel Comics That’ll Instantly Cheer You Up

Comics featuring unexpected twists are always entertaining.

Creating humorous comics with unexpected twists provides a unique and entertaining experience for both the creator and the audience. The element of surprise adds excitement and intrigue to the storytelling process, making it enjoyable and engaging. By incorporating unexpected twists, comic creators can challenge traditional conventions and push the boundaries of humour in a creative and imaginative manner. Mark Parisi would concur with the former sentiment as well. He typically creates single-panel comics and can concisely tell a story on a single panel.

His ability to deliver a punchline in a single frame demonstrates his talent for generating unexpected twists that make readers laugh out loud. Parisi’s clever use of humour and surprise in his comics has earned him a loyal following of fans who value his distinct approach to storytelling. Parisi’s comics frequently contain witty wordplay and clever visual gags that keep readers coming back for more. His ability to balance simplicity and sophistication distinguishes him from other comic creators. That’s why we decided to collect some of our favourite comics from him in one place.

#1 I am sure that was just a black cat with a white stripe.

#2 This is why we all need dogs.

#3 Atleast it is not a wine shop.

#4 So that is where the phrase mooning comes from.

#5 They need to bring another person into their relationship called scissors.

#6 How easy would check-in at airports be if we all could store things in our cheeks?

#7 I think every cat has selective eyesight.

#8 When your halo turns into a triangle to help you in pool.

#9 Atleast the brain should have known better.

#10 The Easter Bunny took things way too far with this one.

You’d be surprised to learn that Mark Pairis owns the comic strip Off the Mark. Not only that, but he’s been creating these strips since 1987. Obviously, the Internet didn’t exist back then, which is why these comic strips were featured in newspapers. That is why it is not surprising that he has received awards such as Best Newspaper Panel from the National Cartoonists Society.

He has also received a lot of attention from the Instagram community, as he currently has over 110k followers and is growing daily. Mark Paris successfully transitioned his comic strip from newspapers to the digital age, reaching a larger audience via social media platforms such as Instagram. His timeless humour and creativity continue to captivate old and new fans alike.

#11 They can always just make scrambled eggs.

#12 We all know Toy Story but this is Food Story.

#13 We all know that chocolate bunnies always look weird.

#14 That is certainly one way to take a shower.

#15 I never knew you could make a lamp with a cracked eggshell.

#16 Do they just drink each other? Sounds like a fiasco to me.

#17 I would even go as far as to say that the second image shows dark humour.

#18 Height doesn’t matter when it comes to a jawbreaker.

#19 We have finally solved the mystery!

#20 Should she move the fridge to clean under it?

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