15 Times Cats Gave Their Owners The Most Unflattering Poses

Cats may act regal, but let’s face it—they’re not always the epitome of grace and elegance.
15 Times Cats Gave Their Owners The Most Unflattering Poses

Cats may act regal, but let’s face it—they’re not always the epitome of grace and elegance. The Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge dared cat owners to share pictures of their feline friends at their weirdest and least photogenic moments. The response was overwhelming, and we’ve curated some of the most amusing snapshots.

Prepare to be entertained, as these images reveal that cats aren’t flawless. They might even inspire you to assert yourself and declare, “You’re not the boss here, and I won’t be pushed around anymore.”

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1. Here, have my worst possible angle.

2. Nothing too special here, just a cat making love to its favorite toy.

3. Cat: Yo, what even is this woman trying to do here?

4. The classic resting face.

5. When you take a candid vs when you actually want to take a good picture of your cat.

6. I don’t think she was even trying to pose there.

7. I told you to give me 10 minutes, now this is what you get for hurrying me up.

Ingrid Johnson, a cat behaviorist and founder of Fundamentally Feline, offers valuable tips for capturing great cat photos. According to her, shooting in the cats’ familiar surroundings yields the best results. Avoid the pitfalls of taking them out for a photoshoot—utilize natural light, play with them to bring out confidence, and use toys to guide their gaze. Ingrid emphasizes working with their natural tendencies instead of trying to force a perfect shot.

According to another photographer from Toronto, Canada, Karen Weiler, good lighting is key to great photography. She suggests setting up a cozy spot for your cat in an area with excellent light. If your cat likes catnip, sprinkle some there to make it even more appealing. It’s simple: if your cat enjoys the spot, you’ll have more chances to capture adorable moments.

Karen emphasizes that this setup will make your cat relaxed and happy, creating a perfect environment with fantastic lighting— a surefire way to get great photos! Her advice is valuable for anyone looking to capture wonderful moments with their cats.

Karen also shares a tip about cat behavior—cats respond more to movement than sound. So, when trying to capture their attention, use toys and movement to get them interested. It’s a fun and effective way to make your cat the star of your photos!

8. The one-eyed cat is real.

9.  When you hear “Strike a pose” for the 1000th time in a single day.

10. She was asked to do something different.

Would be unfair to say the cat “didn’t provide”.

11. She had no idea what was about to happen in the very next second.

12. I won’t lie, I actually like this one.

13. You can’t blame the cat for not striking a good pose, poor thing was only sleeping.

14. What do you mean by “change the pose”? This is all I got.

15. When you are busy in your own stuff and your owner can’t stop taking pictures of you.

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