15 Guilty Huskies That Wrecked The Whole House

Huskies are really energetic dogs. They love playing around and exploring new places.
15 Guilty Huskies That Wrecked The Whole House

All that energy has to come out in some form.

Huskies are really energetic dogs. They love playing around and exploring new places. Since they are so packed with energy, they need to exhaust themselves to get rid of it. This is why they are busy half the day with their shenanigans. Although Huskies are a working dog breed, no one ever thought they could be super playful and naughty as well. Every dog breed is special and has its own list of pros and cons. Huskies do too. They are extremely mischievous and hilarious. We are pretty sure the Huskies are part-time stand-up comedians of the dog community. On top of that, they are kings and queens of facial expressions and reactions. That is one of the reasons why they are so loved globally. You can just tell how they are feeling by the look on their faces.

Just like all the other dogs they have exceptional learning abilities and do all the dog stuff that every other dog would do. But, the features that make them stand out and different from other dogs are alertness and friendly nature. The Huskies are usually good boys and girls, however, they do have days when they live the life of a jerk. You told them no and they heard yes. So, they just made a little mess. Guess, it’s okay. They are our beloved four-legged babies after all. No matter what they do, we will always love them more. Evenif they wreck your whole house you would still love them. Here are 15 photos of guilty Huskies who thought they can get away with anything. Scroll down and check them out.

This Husky likes to inspect all the shopping bags just to ensure the safety of the house.

This young man built himself a doggy door.

This pupper has seen mission impossible.

Huskies are super active. They have tons and tons of energy that they love to invest in extremely physical activities. When they don’t exercise enough, they become extremely frustrated and can be slightly dangerous. They should be allowed to engage in activities that help them release all that build-up energy to keep them calm and well-exercised. Since they have sharp and alert minds, they are very intelligent and know how things work in their surroundings. Just like this little pupper that’s trying to escape its playpen.

Bad Huskies!

“No, can’t cook. Let’s order something.”

“It wasn’t me. I swear!”

That’s one angry looking Husky. Definitely guilty.

“That’s my Halloween costume.”

You know the drill.

“I think we were attacked. What?! No! It wasn’t me…”

“Good luck with that hooman.”

“I’m taking the watch.”

“Look, ma! I made It fluffier.”

They are up to no good.

“This is a comfy butt rest. I like it.”

Huskies are silly and undoubtedly hilarious. They make us laugh a little louder and love a little harder. No one can ever feel down when they have a husky around. Whoa! It’s kind of funny how the words rhyme, but all that’s said is true. Huskies are worth keeping despite being an a*shole sometimes. Are you a Husky mom/dad? How is life with a Husky for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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