10 Pictures Of The Portuguese Water Dog That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Dog Breed

Dogs are classified based on their breeds.
10 Pictures Of The Portuguese Water Dog That Will Make You Fall In Love With This Dog Breed

Dogs are classified based on their breeds. There are many organizations that share different numbers as to how many dog breeds are there in the world. It is hard to get to an exact figure because there are so many mixed breeds as well. Mixes can result in countless possibilities. But the number that everyone tends to agree upon is the one shared by Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) or the World Canine Organization. According to this organization, there are a total of 339 dog breeds in the world. Each one of them is unique and distinct in its own way. All I know is we love them all because they love us and do so much for us.

I won’t be lying if I said all dog breeds are equal in terms of their beauty. There are some dog breeds that are much more beautiful as compared to others. What can we say, nature once every while likes to bless some of us living beings with beautiful genes that result in a product so wholesome, gorgeous, and adorable that you can look at it for hours and still feel the same amount of love.

One dog breed that is among the most beautiful dogs out there is the Portuguese Water Dog. This dog breed originated from Algarve, a region in Portugal. The Portuguese Water Dog slowly expanded all around the coast of Portugal. The main job of these dogs was to help fishermen catch fish by putting them in their nets, and by recovering broken nets from the sea.

They are well-known for being very obedient and super brave so don’t get misguided by those cute looks. The height of the female Portuguese Water Dog ranges between 43 cm to 52 cm and they can weigh between 16 kilos to 23 kilos, and the males’ height ranges from 50 cm to 57 cm and they weigh between 19 kilos to 27 kilos. The life expectancy of these dogs is 12 to 15 years.

Today’s purpose is simple. We are going to enjoy the beauty aspect of this breed. It is not normal that you find a dog that is super brave, very responsible, and also looks extremely gorgeous. Don’t believe me? Well here are the 10 best pictures of the Portuguese Water Dog that will make you feel all sorts of happy.

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I can bet on the fact that all of you now have a new favorite dog breed and it’s the Portuguese Water Dog. It really is a beauty and I honestly could look at its pictures for hours upon hours and never get bored. I love its fur the most. I hope you guys are enjoying this compilation as much as I am.

I really want to find a Portuguese Water Dog and adopt one, I am head over heels in love with this creature. The fact that I am feeling an inferiority complex because of its beauty is an entirely different story.

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I would like to have the opportunity and thank nature for providing us with dogs. I swear they are the best blessing we could possibly get. The Portuguese Water Dog is now my favorite dog breed for its ability to melt anyone’s heart just by its looks.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more wholesomeness transferred directly through dog beauty.

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